Monday, January 10, 2011

A Lot of Fun and a Little Intuition

What a wonderful weekend...

My son and I made coconut shrimp Friday night -- YUMMY! ...especially with the kid friendly pineapple daquiri dipping sauce!  We got to enjoy our family dinner watching the movie, Legend of the Guardians.  What great animation!! I think I might be inspired to make an owl quilt.

I had bonus time on Saturday and got to start playing with some fabric. I'm trying out letter blocks from my new book, Word Play Quilts (see my previous post for book link).

Sunday was the day to finish the book club list for 2011. My best friend and I went for coffee and narrowed down the list to 6. It sure is challenging to try and decide books that will create discussion but not be intimidating or offensive to anyone in the group. I think we did well but you just never know until you read the books. I'll try to post the list soon if you are interested!

Oh yah, we also watched the Packer game with my hubby's family. I have a hard time watching games that are close or really bad for my team...and of course this one was a nail biter...I had to leave during the last two minutes. Guess what worked, the Pack intercepted the ball and we won...Happy Family!! Except now they want me to leave at the end of every game...

The good times go on to Monday too....if you can believe that! We had Taco Monday and played Just Dance #2 with the boys. Wow, I've learned some awesome new out on the dance floors everyone!! I also took 15 minutes to start my Intuition quilt that Victoria is hosting on her site, Bumble Beans Inc.  I didn't get far but it's a start! Here is what I made by just using the scraps I had on hand and 15 minutes!! (sorry the pic is a little dark)

Here's to a wonderful Tuesday -- heck let's go for the whole week...I just know it's gonna be good!!


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