Sunday, January 23, 2011

Believe in Your Dreams!!

<b>Secretariat</b>Yesterday, we took the boys to see the movie Secretariat. We've been wanting to go ever since we saw the previews and we just finally got the chance (we were also happy it was at the "cheap" theatre - $2.50 each for the matinee--bonus!).  I was very impressed with the way they presented this true story. It showed a strong woman who was following her dream and doing what she believed was right.  This was especially interesting because it took place at a time of transition for women and in the south where the transition was even more challenging.

Of course, the horses were also magnificent to watch. Note: Secretariat (aka "Big Red") was played by many horses but one horse is from a WI farm, Cyclone Larry.  He played some of the calmer non-running parts. I thought that was pretty cool...what a lovely horse (er horses)!!) 

This is a movie that can be enjoyed by all generations. Our boys were really interested in the horses and the races, I loved the strong characters and the message behind the story and the older lady I met in the bathroom gave it a big thumbs up for overall entertainment!! What a thoroughly enjoyable movie!!

I think I need to buy a big fancy hat and go to the Kentucky's on my bucket list now!!

Today, it's off to my parent's house to watch the Packers vs. Bears playoff game. I think it will be similar to Secretariat...cheering for our favorites and hoping they will cross the finish line first! Go Pack!!

Go Live Your Dreams!!!!!

"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'” George Bernard Shaw

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” James Dean

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh, Poor Miss Bear!! & Shopping Therapy!!

Miss Bear has more-or-less recovered from her PV syndrome(effected her balance and eyes) but because of that she had a spill during her morning walk.  We called the Vet for advice and got her on some anti-inflammatories but she was still limping (like Lassie when she was playing injured), she was the saddest dog you ever did see!! So, to the Vet we went (now she was the maddest dog!!d)....the x-ray showed a broken foot, er...toe broken in 2 places!! (I have to interject that she has previously broken a toe 3 years ago on the other we go again!!) Well, they gave her a pain shot, wrapped her in orange bandages and sent us on our way....oh yeah they said don't get the bandages wet. I'm thinking.....have you not seen the snow and ice on the ground? How are we going to keep it dry when she goes outside?!?! I was afraid she would slip with a plastic bag and I thought she'd pull it off for sure. Voila' about Press-N-Seal...we wrapped her little foot, gently pressed it down and she is set to go! It's not too slippery either but it does make this smacking, suction kind of sound when she walks!
We love you Miss Bear :)
Miss Bear glad to be home!

Once we got her all situated we loaded our car with donation items for Goodwill, trying to clean out our basement! I love going to thrift stores so as my hubby was dropping off I was checking out! Actually, I had all the right intentions....I'm trying to find the books for my Lit Chicks Book Club. Well, I couldn't exactly find those specific books but found several others that I've either been wanting to read or sounded too good to leave at the store!! So, after 3 thrift shops and one Half-Price Books, I had quite the load. Really though I couldn't pass up books for under $3...most of them were just $1!!!
Love that!!

Oh boy, I better get reading :o

My hubby says I might need to clear some books off my book bench to make room.
That's another project!
Oh, did I mention I found some fabric too!! Some slices came from the thrift stores but the rest are fat quarters from a quilt shop....they are like candy, I can't just have one!!
(I guess I ate the whole bag so-to-speak, time to play!!)

Now, don't be thinking I'm dragging my hubby around against his will, he found his own treasures! Along with a really cool tie he found an Irish music book (perfect for an upcoming St. Patty's Day gig with his Dad), a  kickin' Ralph Lauren sweater, some Columbia never-been-worn pants and much much more!!
A sad morning turned into a happy afternoon!
Yes, Miss Bear had a happy afternoon too...our neighbor brought her treats and of course she got lots of loving and she wasn't at the vet any longer!!

Sorry, couldn't spin the picture the right get the picture though, right?!?
Ha --  just made myself laugh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Joy for a Grey Day...

Today, in southern WI, it was very grey....the kind of grey that seeps into your bones, pulls your face down and starts to grab your soul (I know kind of dramatic but that's how it felt!)....but hey it's just can't have the grey blahs on Friday!! So I will focus on my joys for the day.

How cool are these colors!
I was so pleased to have some fun little things happen on a day like today-- (instant mini face lifts!) It's still cold and grey but these little things have helped me to make it through the day and more able to enjoy my evening! are the highlights:

1. It was Packer day at work so we could wear jeans and team gear....I just love wearing jeans, Ts and tennies to work...Go Pack! 

Had to share some flowers.

2. Someone brought in cupcakes to celebrate Packer day and a co-worker's last day with us. These cupcakes were the prettiest a little helping of spring. The frosting is what made them was the palest shade of pastel (did you notice the letters in pastel and palest are the same? curious..). The light colors paired against a deep dark chocolate was so joyous! (Hmmm maybe a scrumptious quilt) Not too pretty to eat though! Yummy!

3. Our co-worker who was moving on to another job brought me the most exciting Thank You note I've ever seen....a little Thank You flower....I just loved it and again thought....hmmm how to make this into a quilt!?!?! (scroll down to see it!)

4. My lunch provided a little joy as well, in the form of the book I'm reading. It's called A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel, just in the first few pages I was smiling and chuckling....can't wait to read more!

5. Lastly, (well hopefully not lastly - maybe there is chocolate in my future!?) anyways, I always find joy in putting on my Yoga pants, a lovely easy dinner and a nice glass of wine (yah, no actual Yoga tonight)!

Cheers everyone, may many joys come your way!!

OH I FORGOT:  Thanks to Peaceful Piecer for being my first follower!!! You brought me joy too!! Thanks!!!!

My "Go To" inexpensive but tasty wine,
Soy candle from local shop and
fresh flowers I bought for myself!!

Below is the sweet card I received today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Lot of Fun and a Little Intuition

What a wonderful weekend...

My son and I made coconut shrimp Friday night -- YUMMY! ...especially with the kid friendly pineapple daquiri dipping sauce!  We got to enjoy our family dinner watching the movie, Legend of the Guardians.  What great animation!! I think I might be inspired to make an owl quilt.

I had bonus time on Saturday and got to start playing with some fabric. I'm trying out letter blocks from my new book, Word Play Quilts (see my previous post for book link).

Sunday was the day to finish the book club list for 2011. My best friend and I went for coffee and narrowed down the list to 6. It sure is challenging to try and decide books that will create discussion but not be intimidating or offensive to anyone in the group. I think we did well but you just never know until you read the books. I'll try to post the list soon if you are interested!

Oh yah, we also watched the Packer game with my hubby's family. I have a hard time watching games that are close or really bad for my team...and of course this one was a nail biter...I had to leave during the last two minutes. Guess what worked, the Pack intercepted the ball and we won...Happy Family!! Except now they want me to leave at the end of every game...

The good times go on to Monday too....if you can believe that! We had Taco Monday and played Just Dance #2 with the boys. Wow, I've learned some awesome new out on the dance floors everyone!! I also took 15 minutes to start my Intuition quilt that Victoria is hosting on her site, Bumble Beans Inc.  I didn't get far but it's a start! Here is what I made by just using the scraps I had on hand and 15 minutes!! (sorry the pic is a little dark)

Here's to a wonderful Tuesday -- heck let's go for the whole week...I just know it's gonna be good!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

15 Minutes Turn to 60 In No Time Flat!

First let me say that Miss Bear is doing better today...we can see a good deal of improvement even though she is still listing to the left and not super perky. Of course she has decided she is fully recovered and refuses to let us pick her up anymore, she's even heavier when she's pulling the other way and flailing her legs about...that girl is keeping us on our toes or maybe flat on our backs!

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" - F. Gump

I am proud to say that I made time today to start my 15 min. quilting project, well basically skipped my to do cleaning list. I did have every intention of getting to the list but my 15 turned into 60 (with interruptions I will add). It was worth it though because I had fun sorting through my stash and I got to play with some of my red fabrics -- didn't know I had so much red! I'm trying to create a wonksville's coming along but still needs work! I guess I don't exactly know what I'm doing but I think it is looking kinda cool....can't wait for another, 60!!

Happy Day!

Work in Progress - Wonky Rose

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Bump in the Road......

I was so excited to get home from work yesterday to start on some fabric projects...I have several I've been dreaming of...but to my dismay and Miss Bear's (see lovely dog in previous post) we had to make an emergency visit to the Vet. I had arrived home to find her shaking like a leaf, hardly able to walk and eyes rapidly moving from side to side....I freaked and called the Vet and told them I was on my way...of course I was alone and had to figure how to get my girl into the car (bad shoulder and 60lbs)...but where there is a will there is a way! Of course there were no conclusions yesterday so we had to watch her close for seizures and/or other issues overnight. We have to carry her up and down stairs and outside to use the facilities, as well as help her eat/drink (she can't see the bowls correctly). We found out tonight that she has Peripheral Vestibular Syndrome, we are told in most cases it clears up in a few days but it could possibly be weeks. She is wagging her tail like a sweet girl but is still a little woozy...kinda like a drunken sailor! There is nothing medically we can do for her at this point, all we can do is treat her with lots O'Love and TLC...saying a little prayer and crossing fingers and toes!!

On a positive note....I have picked out my starter fabric for the Intuition Quilt15 minute play at Bumble Beans Inc. It looks a little flame-like but it really is deep red roses. I just love what to do with it....

I had a little time to iron some of my bright fabrics for another project. I really like being able to iron in the kitchen and help the kids with their homework at the same time. It is not glamorous but very practical (the board could be bigger but it wouldn't fit on the stove'll have to do). To go along with the terrific fabric, I got my new book in the mail, Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci. I love the different ideas on playing with letter fabric blocks. I'm itching to get started...just need things a little calmer on the homefront....maybe tomorrow....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm excited to start my very first blog. I'm hoping it will be a way to journal my projects and to get feedback/encouragement from others. My hopes for this new year are to just do more of everything that I love.

I have been most fortunate to be a part of a wonderful book club, The Lit Chicks. We have been together for over a year and I am always amazed at how excited I get for our meetings. My awesome friend is helping me to select the book list for the upcoming year...I'm excited to have it finalized! I will post our list once we have it completed! Read along and let me know what you think!
Miss Bear welcomes 2011!

My next project will be to pull out my sewing machine and scraps of fabric and get crackin'....I just don't want to get lost in my sewing cabinet...I don't really want to organize it either...oh boy...maybe tomorrow!

Staying sweet and salty...keeping the taste buds interested!!
(In other words....I love things that are a little wonky, not quite perfect...and with a little surprise inside!!)

Thanks for reading!