Monday, March 7, 2011

Wavey, Wobbly, Stripey, Dotty & Plaidy

My two blocks for Victoria's 15 minute play challenge They were fun to make, now I need to make some more for me to play with!! Maybe that will help take the rainy cold winter blahs away?? Ahh...dreaming of summer....
Happy Day Everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Rocked!

Just had to throw a quick post about my fabulous hubby! He took me on a fun filled date to see rocker Lucinda Williams at Turner Hall in Milwaukee! We had a very WI time before hand at Buck Bradley's eating Milwaukee's very own Usinger Sausage (the shop is right across the street from the about fresh!), WI cheese and beer! Excellent pre-concert dinner!

Turner Hall is an amazing historic building. The three flights of stairs were like little old men...kinda short, a little creaky and lopsided and have seen just about everything! Lots of stories in those stairs, I am sure!! The ballroom was similar...maybe like an old lady...the paint was slowly fading and the walls are a little bit crinkly! Such character! We had an awesome little table with a candle--yes a real candle in such an old building...I was kinda wondering about that but the danger was worth it because of the atmosphere they created, I made sure not to make any sudden movements. 

Lucinda rocked those walls but maybe a little softer then normal because it was a solo acoustic gig which meant her songs were a little quieter. This woman has some stories to tell too, perfect venue.  Loved some of her new tunes....looking forward to getting her new album!
(you can see pictures here :)

Blessed = Lucinda's new album

We finished off the evening at the Aloft Hotel bar eating Wasabi Peanuts (yes, they open up your sinuses but have a nice peanutty finish!!). And the trip was finished off the next day with a little shopping and an amazing everything grilled cheese sandwich and yes, another beer, but this time at the Irish bar called The Harp!! Thanks for a lovely Valentine's sweetheart!!
 I'm definitely blessed!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentine’s Day Late :)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Ok, I know I’m a bit late but I have been busy doing fun things. I also have found a new way to add posts to my blog…testing it out today – Windows Live Writer. It already seems easier then posting directly to Blogger. At least the pictures are seeming easier to add.  We’ll see how it goes :)
My boys and I made Valentine cookies on the Sunday before the big day. I think they turned out really pretty and very tasty! The cookies are a basic sugar cookie but we used a cream cheese frosting on top…what a great combo…they weren’t over the top sweet (well, until we added all the red sugar and sprinkles that is!). I love getting the boys involved in the kitchen….my youngest loves making lasagna and my eldest loves making coconut shrimp, he even peels them! I think the real motivation is to help make food they Love to eat!
 Yep he choose the right color shirt for the Holiday! My new apron I got for Christmas...finally it gets dirty!
Above…my son wearing his appropriately colored shirt for the holiday and my new apron, not quite the right colors but it happened to match my sweater that day!! The apron is by Now Designs, a Christmas present from my hubby…finally I get it dirty!
Miss Bear likes when we bake!051
Monday morning, Valentine’s Day, it was all about the red! I’ve been making a red table for my family for years now (I need to make or get a red tablecloth though, I keep stealing the boys red bed sheet, maybe for next year!!)…they always get a kick out of seeing what red things I find for them! I tried not to make it all chocolate because I’ll eat it all ;)  My Valentine’s day gift for my husband was supposed to be a beer tasting event (also a fundraiser) but it got cancelled due to all of the protests at the Capital…still waiting to hear when it will be rescheduled :( The good news is we just went on our Valentine’s date this past week….we saw an awesome concert and had a night away in Milwaukee…stay tuned, I’ll share that story in another post!!
Red galore!
Happy belated Valentine’s Everyone!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Business in the Front, Party in the Back!! Happy Birthday Cyndi!!

I'm so excited that I have finished my first "wordy" quilt ever!! It took a little playing to get it all together and quite a bit of improvisation! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I was going to make two house blocks for the front of the quilt - one of my friends house and one of mine because they are reversed colors--hers in white with purple trim and mine is purple with white trim....but alas I didn't have time. Her house became the focal point of the back of the quilt. I found a great Birthday fabric and a cupcake fabric that I just had to incorporate into the quilt because it's her 40th! I didn't want it screaming Birthday on the front but I was happy with it screaming on the back!! in the front, party in the back....reminds me of my husband's hair in the 80's!!!!!

Happy 40th Birthday to my dearest friend, Cyndi!!

Ahhh....dreaming of spring!! Have a lovely day everyone!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Highs!!

Hi everyone,

Have you ever had a weekend start on a high note and keep floating along for the whole next day? I'm hoping it will float right through today and go even higher!! Of course, there is a little bit of a low note (haven't heard from my really good friend in awhile and I think I have a cold coming on!)....but every song needs it's range of notes to make it interesting...a little sweet and salty right!?!? 

I have to say that playing a game with my kids can be so much fun but can also be challenging if you don't pick the right game! We had family night on Friday, starting off with Smoothies and America's Funniest Videos (normally it's "Smoothie and a Movie" but it had to be shortened for our game time..:) We decided on Charoodles for our game...what a fun game! The boys just love acting out the different topics, well we all do! It can have us rolling on the fun! We do skip the scoring though, just try to each beat the clock...makes it a little more relaxing!!

Saturday, I was up early and had a chance to continue work on my quilt project. I'm almost done with the top, I'm so excited to be moving along with it!! It is definitely not perfect but I think perfect can be a little sterile. I'm hoping to finish up the top this morning and start on the back. Of course we have plans this afternoon so I won't have as much time to get stuff done...better start soon!

Playing with the border!

A couple of my letters!

We also had a chance to help support our community yesterday but attending the Souper Bowl! This event is put on by Habitat for Humanity with the proceeds going to help their building projects for new homes for those in need. It is such a wonderful event, you get to choose a handcrafted ceramic bowl from an overflowing table of artsy vessels and then eat soup, salad, bread and homemade goodies. We also got to
listen to the music of the UW Marching Band and Jazz West. Bucky Badger even showed up to join in the fun! The boys had a great time and we did too! Looking forward to making this a yearly tradition...we'll just need to make space for all the awesome bowls!!

Today, of course is the real Super Bowl...we are just a little excited here at our house....Go Pack Go! We are off to my folks house for a big Super Bowl party this afternoon...I just really love going to a party and eating snacks and yelling at the TV...I get a little worked up though with our team playing so I may have to hide in the basement at the tense times and watch the Puppy Bowl! I am making Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in bacon and Nestle Toll House Chocolate and Cookie Crumb Bars (YUM)--adding M & M's for color!
I'll try to post the recipes and pictures if they turn out!!! Sorry, gotta say it again -- GO PACK GO!!!

Hope you all have a floating kind of day and week!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Believe in Your Dreams!!

<b>Secretariat</b>Yesterday, we took the boys to see the movie Secretariat. We've been wanting to go ever since we saw the previews and we just finally got the chance (we were also happy it was at the "cheap" theatre - $2.50 each for the matinee--bonus!).  I was very impressed with the way they presented this true story. It showed a strong woman who was following her dream and doing what she believed was right.  This was especially interesting because it took place at a time of transition for women and in the south where the transition was even more challenging.

Of course, the horses were also magnificent to watch. Note: Secretariat (aka "Big Red") was played by many horses but one horse is from a WI farm, Cyclone Larry.  He played some of the calmer non-running parts. I thought that was pretty cool...what a lovely horse (er horses)!!) 

This is a movie that can be enjoyed by all generations. Our boys were really interested in the horses and the races, I loved the strong characters and the message behind the story and the older lady I met in the bathroom gave it a big thumbs up for overall entertainment!! What a thoroughly enjoyable movie!!

I think I need to buy a big fancy hat and go to the Kentucky's on my bucket list now!!

Today, it's off to my parent's house to watch the Packers vs. Bears playoff game. I think it will be similar to Secretariat...cheering for our favorites and hoping they will cross the finish line first! Go Pack!!

Go Live Your Dreams!!!!!

"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'” George Bernard Shaw

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” James Dean

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh, Poor Miss Bear!! & Shopping Therapy!!

Miss Bear has more-or-less recovered from her PV syndrome(effected her balance and eyes) but because of that she had a spill during her morning walk.  We called the Vet for advice and got her on some anti-inflammatories but she was still limping (like Lassie when she was playing injured), she was the saddest dog you ever did see!! So, to the Vet we went (now she was the maddest dog!!d)....the x-ray showed a broken foot, er...toe broken in 2 places!! (I have to interject that she has previously broken a toe 3 years ago on the other we go again!!) Well, they gave her a pain shot, wrapped her in orange bandages and sent us on our way....oh yeah they said don't get the bandages wet. I'm thinking.....have you not seen the snow and ice on the ground? How are we going to keep it dry when she goes outside?!?! I was afraid she would slip with a plastic bag and I thought she'd pull it off for sure. Voila' about Press-N-Seal...we wrapped her little foot, gently pressed it down and she is set to go! It's not too slippery either but it does make this smacking, suction kind of sound when she walks!
We love you Miss Bear :)
Miss Bear glad to be home!

Once we got her all situated we loaded our car with donation items for Goodwill, trying to clean out our basement! I love going to thrift stores so as my hubby was dropping off I was checking out! Actually, I had all the right intentions....I'm trying to find the books for my Lit Chicks Book Club. Well, I couldn't exactly find those specific books but found several others that I've either been wanting to read or sounded too good to leave at the store!! So, after 3 thrift shops and one Half-Price Books, I had quite the load. Really though I couldn't pass up books for under $3...most of them were just $1!!!
Love that!!

Oh boy, I better get reading :o

My hubby says I might need to clear some books off my book bench to make room.
That's another project!
Oh, did I mention I found some fabric too!! Some slices came from the thrift stores but the rest are fat quarters from a quilt shop....they are like candy, I can't just have one!!
(I guess I ate the whole bag so-to-speak, time to play!!)

Now, don't be thinking I'm dragging my hubby around against his will, he found his own treasures! Along with a really cool tie he found an Irish music book (perfect for an upcoming St. Patty's Day gig with his Dad), a  kickin' Ralph Lauren sweater, some Columbia never-been-worn pants and much much more!!
A sad morning turned into a happy afternoon!
Yes, Miss Bear had a happy afternoon too...our neighbor brought her treats and of course she got lots of loving and she wasn't at the vet any longer!!

Sorry, couldn't spin the picture the right get the picture though, right?!?
Ha --  just made myself laugh.