Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Rocked!

Just had to throw a quick post about my fabulous hubby! He took me on a fun filled date to see rocker Lucinda Williams at Turner Hall in Milwaukee! We had a very WI time before hand at Buck Bradley's eating Milwaukee's very own Usinger Sausage (the shop is right across the street from the about fresh!), WI cheese and beer! Excellent pre-concert dinner!

Turner Hall is an amazing historic building. The three flights of stairs were like little old men...kinda short, a little creaky and lopsided and have seen just about everything! Lots of stories in those stairs, I am sure!! The ballroom was similar...maybe like an old lady...the paint was slowly fading and the walls are a little bit crinkly! Such character! We had an awesome little table with a candle--yes a real candle in such an old building...I was kinda wondering about that but the danger was worth it because of the atmosphere they created, I made sure not to make any sudden movements. 

Lucinda rocked those walls but maybe a little softer then normal because it was a solo acoustic gig which meant her songs were a little quieter. This woman has some stories to tell too, perfect venue.  Loved some of her new tunes....looking forward to getting her new album!
(you can see pictures here :)

Blessed = Lucinda's new album

We finished off the evening at the Aloft Hotel bar eating Wasabi Peanuts (yes, they open up your sinuses but have a nice peanutty finish!!). And the trip was finished off the next day with a little shopping and an amazing everything grilled cheese sandwich and yes, another beer, but this time at the Irish bar called The Harp!! Thanks for a lovely Valentine's sweetheart!!
 I'm definitely blessed!!

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